About me

My life is like juggling with 3 balls (work, family, hobby) and its not always easy to keep all of them in the air. While work and the hobby seem to be made of rubber, bouncing back when dropping them, the family is made of glass and will break, if I'm not careful.  



Since February 2017 I work as Consultant, Project Manager and Marketing & HR Support for andrion. andrion is a leading consulting firm that specializes in banking. With our deep understanding of banks’ core businesses we accompany organizations on the exciting path of digital transformation. 

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I am grateful to have a wonderful family. With my wife Edina and my tree girls Julie, Amelie and Audrie we enjoy to discover Europe and the world, preferrably by camper.   




After travelling half of the planet on motorbikes, I switched to leg-powered two wheeler (aka bicycle). For my 50th. anniversary in 2017, I allowed myself to realize some ideas that I brood over for quite a while. The result was the start of the OSPA project.