24h Hart Loop Challenge - simply join …


Friday 28. June - 5.00 p.m - Lenzburg, Switzerland

The next bikepacking ride takes us around the “Hart Loop” (aka Herzschlaufe) and is a very simple thing. There is no need to register, just join, ride and have fun.

All we provide is:

- a meeting place

- a common start time

- an approx. 115 km loop

This is a a "self-supported" event, where you will ride at your own pace and crash down to sleep shorter or longer wherever you like (at your own responsibility and risk).

You can also join at any point of the route you like. As we change directions everytime we complete a loop, the probability of meeting other riders raises.

Follow the LIVE TRACKING to see the current location.

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High season for Bikepacker and DOT-WATCHER

We are in the middle of the bike packer high season, this Friday the TOUR DIVIDE starts and on Saturday with the NAVAD 1000 the Swiss counterpart. The participants' are super excited and they are eating a lot of pasta while preparing their rigs. If you can't ride with them, you become a DOT-WATCHER and follow the riders and motivate them from time to time with constructive comments on their profile or in the social media, especially Facebook. So the coming days and weeks will be exciting for everyone.

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ITALY DIVIDE | 25. APRIL 2019 - 1. MAY 2019

For the second time after 2018, I participated at the ITALY DEVIDE.


It was a 1250 km - self supported - non-stop bikepacking adventure and followed some fast rolling gravel roads but also with quite a few hike-a-bike sections (e.g. the magic forest) and technical MTB trails.

After 5 days and 17h I arrived in the top 20 of the field of roughly 200 participants from 26 nations.

Find below some first impressions, a full race report will follow soon ;-)


What is OSPA

OSPA is a unique and nearly indestructible multipurpose-performance bike that requires only One Service Per Annum (1x yearly).
In an experiment that lasted the full year of 2017 (365 days) I rode the OSPA prototype without any mechanical support (except wear parts).

The OSPA bike consists of selected components following the *SLCFE principle and are not be serviced for an entire year according the OSPA mission.

2017 - successfully completed 10’000 km in the harshest everyday and race conditions incl. the NAVAD 1000.
Changed parts during 1st year in operation incl. the yearly service:
- 7 tyres (3 rear / 2 front)
- 3 brake disk (2 front / 1 rear)
- 5 sets of brake pads (3 front / 2 rear)
- 4 shifting cables
- 60 ml transmission oil

2018 - successfully completed 8’000 km in the harshest everyday and race conditions incl. the ITALY DIVIDE.
Changed parts during 2nd year in operation incl. the yearly service:
- 3 tyres (2 rear / 2 front)
- 2 brake disk (1 front / 1 rear)
- 4 sets of brake pads (2 front / 2 rear)
- 2 shifting cables
- 60 ml transmission oil

*Simple, Lean, Consistant, Fast, Economic

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein