Why must holidays always begin with stress?

Holidays are actually meant to recover from everyday life and work, but every of my holidays begin with even more stress than any other day.

Ok travelling with my family and gadget (3 girls and OSPA) is not the ideal setup to sink the level of adrenalin, but to be frank, its not really much better when I am travelling on my own. So it has probably something to do with my resistance to plan very much in advance. While my job requires enough structure and providence, I keep telling myself that should also give a break to my narrow-minded lifestyle when going on holiday, but this is probably rather an excuse than reality.

However, for this time, a good nice week in Mallorca, I decided to bring the OSPA bike with me. Mallorca one of the best cycling spots in spring. When I first came here about 20 year ago, only some hotels were open, the guests mainly bicycle maniacs trying to pump as many kilometers in their legs as possible, the ideal preparation for the upcoming bike season. Nowadays approximately 25% of the hotels are already open and depending on the location still mostly cyclists but more and more also families with their kids.

As usual I pass at my bike shop ( to get a box for shipping the bike, but this time, I forgot that my OSPA is slightly bigger than a normal bike, what raised my blood pressure about 2 hours before we intended to leave to the airport. 
For one time I was thankful I watched countless of these Macgyver movies, so with some additional carton and a role of duktape I extended the box and added some extra space for the front wheel.So finally we made it to the airport in time and everything went easy. A highlight was our rental car with the big box in the trunk.

Today I assembled my OSPA bike and luckely there were no screws left ;-) I really like the measures on my Syntace seatpost and the SQLab handlebar, they allow to reassemble and adjust everything 100% as it was before.

After a acclimatization day with the family I went for a first short ride just behind our hotel, as I found a nice trail I just kept going uphill and finally rached top of the small hill with a fairly nice view over the bay.


I plan to do some nice rides over the next days and will surely post some insights of my journey on the island.

Wish you all a nice spring time and strong legs, Mark