SQLab Innerbarends 411 - Review

I tested the SQLab Innerbarends 411 during entire 2017. I rode approx. 7000km and used them in very different conditions and versatile disciplines. From Cyclocross to XC races, from Bikepacking to 24h competitions and then countless commuting rides to work.


Barends are known since the very beginning of mountain bike and are usually mounted to the end of the handlebar. From an ergonomic point of view, a very good idea. Over time, as the straight handlebars became less and more elevated handlebars, the barends disappeared. Now handlebars have become flatter and much wider again, the barends suddenly make sense again.

Conscious or in unconscious, we all start changing the positions of our hands after some time and especially when doing extra long rides, that’s where the innerbarends come into play and offer a different position while still having the brakes on your fingertips.

I found them a comfortable alternation while riding but also discovered some unexpected but positive side-effects.

1.       The innerbarends protect the navigation device and light mounted or the handlebar if you need to flip your bike upside down during inevitable repairs e.g. flat tires.

2.       They are much better to push the bike in extreme uphill, this is a common activity on most Bikepacking trips and especially during the NAVAD 1000 (, I participated back in June.


Facts & Figures

Wight: 107 grams
Price: € 39 / CHF 43 / US$ 47