AsiaCenter BÚÉK Kupa - Budapest, HUNGARY

Today the new year and so the OSPA experiment started for real. I participated in a fun bike race the AsiaCenter BÚÉK Kupa in Budapest, HUNGARY. Some 55 participants with all sorts of bikes and various performance levels were present. 

The course was fairly fast with only a few bumpy sections so a clear advantage for Cyclocross bikes. However, I had an exiting fight with another biker on a 29er (#7). The OSPA bike performed very well,  although it the track was to fast so the big tires couldn't  fully unfold its strengths. My personal highlight was to see, that the bike works also under race conditions, where fast shifting and change of directions are required. 

The Pinion gearbox worked extremely fine and thanks to the eye catching Lauf fork the bike was the attraction of the spot, various bikes and spectators came along for a chat and to take some pics :-)

Tomorrow I will head back home and ride the OSPA bike to Vienna, I am keen to see how well I recovered and how good I can cope with the chilly temperature - the weather forecast is between -5C to +1C.