Weekend tour to Denkendorf, GERMANY

Last weekend I packed my camper and did a tour to Denkendorf, the home of QUANTOR bikes and Pinion. Christoph from QUANTOR bikes offered me a parking lot right in front of their shop. After the night-shift crew from the factory site went home in the middle of the night, the parking was mine and I had a nice an quiet sleep. 
After a nice breakfast in the camper I stepped in the QUANTOR shop of a nice introduction chat about the OSPA experiment. Christoph offered good coffee and provided me with valuable input, before he sent me on two test rides, one with his carbon-built "Triebwerk" equiped with a 12-geared Pinion (P1.12) and the second "Kraftstoff" made of high end aluminum and the 18-gear P1.18. Both bikes convinced from a qualitative point of view. The Triebwerk is lighter and a real beauty, non the less no option for my OSPA project as the carbon frame does not allow to insert the carbon belt drive I require for my project. The Triebwerk's downside is the max. 2.3' size of the tires. So both great bikes, but not a perfect fit for my OSPA project.
Thanks Christoph/Quantor for the great hospitality and congrats for the great bikes you are building.
So my journey to find the bike for my project goes on...