Bikepacker TOUR - SChweiz

Vom Freitagabend 22. März bis Sonntag 24. März 2019 tourt die Bikepacker Community Schweiz und Interessierte mit Bike, Sack und Pack durch die Schweiz.

Die Weekend-Tour ist vorm Format her, eine Mischung aus Bikepacking-Tour und Etappen-Rennen. Im Zentrum steht das Abenteuer und der Spass.

Es gibt jeweils einen gemeinsamen Start und ein Zielort. Dies ermöglicht den Austausch unter den Teilnehmenden und ist die perfekte Gelegenheit Material und deine Form zu testen. Das Ganze natürlich “self-supported”.

Teilnehmen dürfen alle Bikepacker, die sich eine oder mehrere der Etappen zutrauen und über die entsprechende Ausrüstung verfügen. 




25. APRIL 2019 - 1. MAY 2019
For the second time after 2018, I plan to participate at the ITALY DEVIDE 2019.


It is a 1150 km self supported non-stop bikepacking adventure and follows fast rolling gravel roads with quite a few technical MTB trails.

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Past Event - RU2AM

#RU2AM was a 1000 km bikepacking trip from RUed to AMsterdam - CH / DE / FR / LX / BE / NL (5 days / 5 countries)

Sat, Sep 29, 2018 - Thu, Oct 4, 2018

It was a awsom bikepacking tour from my hometown Schlossrued in the wonderful RUEDERTAL (aka Paddle Valley ;-)  - all the way up to the the bicycle capital of the world - AMSTERDAM.(#RU2AM).

From the satrting point in Switzerland, I first went to Germany, before crossing the French boarder. After 2 days I arrived in in Luxembourg. Shortly after I cycled on Belgian soil and then the Netherlands as final destination of the trip.

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Short interview after finishing the ITALY DIVIDE 2018

It was my second bikepacking race ever, a 935km self supported non-stop adventure with 15’000m difference in altitude. It followd fast rolling gravel roads with quite a few technical MTB trails.
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OSPA is a unique and nearly indestructible multipurpose-performance bike that requires only One Service Per Annum (1x yearly).
In an experiment that lasted the full year of 2017 (365 days) I rode the OSPA prototype without any mechanical support (except wear parts).

The OSPA bike consists of selected components following the *SLCFE principle and are not be serviced for an entire year according the OSPA mission.

2017 - successfully completed 10’000 km in the harshest conditions. The only spare part changed was a shifting cable.

2018 - no service at all so far (status mid December 2018

*Simple, Lean, Consistant, Fast, Economic

SQLab Innerbarends 411 - Review

SQlab-Innerbarends-411- Review.png

I tested the SQLab Innerbarends 411 during entire 2017. I rode approx. 7000km and used them in very different conditions and versatile disciplines. From Cyclocross to XC races, from Bikepacking to 24h competitions and then countless commuting rides to work.

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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein