For the second time after 2018, I plan to participate at the ITALY DEVIDE 2019.

It is a 1150 km self supported non-stop bikepacking adventure and follows fast rolling gravel roads with quite a few technical MTB trails

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Recent Event

#RU2AM was a 1000 km bikepacking trip from RUed to AMsterdam - CH / DE / FR / LX / BE / NL (5 days / 5 countries)

Sat, Sep 29, 2018 - Thu, Oct 4, 2018

It was a awsom bikepacking tour from my hometown Schlossrued in the wonderful RUEDERTAL (aka Paddle Valley ;-)  - all the way up to the the bicycle capital of the world - AMSTERDAM.(#RU2AM).

From the satrting point in Switzerland, I first went to Germany, before crossing the French boarder. After 2 days I arrived in in Luxembourg. Shortly after I cycled on Belgian soil and then the Netherlands as final destination of the trip.

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Short interview after finishing the ITALY DIVIDE

It was my second bikepacking race ever, a 935km self supported non-stop adventure with 15’000m difference in altitude. It followd fast rolling gravel roads with quite a few technical MTB trails.
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OSPA is a unique and nearly indestructible multipurpose-performance bike that requires only One Service Per Annum (1x yearly).
In an experiment that lasted the full year of 2017 (365 days) I rode the OSPA prototype without any mechanical support (except wear parts).

The OSPA and its core components

SQLab Innerbarends 411 - Review

SQlab-Innerbarends-411- Review.png

I tested the SQLab Innerbarends 411 during entire 2017. I rode approx. 7000km and used them in very different conditions and versatile disciplines. From Cyclocross to XC races, from Bikepacking to 24h competitions and then countless commuting rides to work.

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challenges 2018 for the OSPA bike and his rider

  • approx. 6000 - 10'000 km on various soils (mud, sludge, rock, asphalt)

  • participation in approx. 10 major bike events in various disciplines (MTB, cyclocross, bike marathon, etc.)
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This OSPA bike consists of selected components following the *SLCFE principle and will not be serviced for an entire year according the OSPA mission.
*Simple, Lean, Consistant, Fast, Economic

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein